Deformation monitoring solution
for engineering structures
with millimeter level precision

Based on GNSS technologies

Our solution scheme:

concentrator box
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GNSS receivers

Are installed on the object and, using the GNSS signal from the satellite, determine the relative location with a millimeter-level precision. The measurment is repeated every second.

More about receivers


Collects measurement data from GNSS sensors and sends it to the Estimo cloud-based processing system. The concentrator is installed next to the monitored object.

More about concentrator

Cloud and web sevice

We analyze data, generate graphs and perform condition assessments. You use our convenient web-service anywhere, anytime.

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What you get with Estimo:

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Continuous monitoring

GNSS recievers provides coordinates every second, you always know about the current condition of the monitored object.

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Cloud service

Our cloud service allows you to get information about the object from anywhere at any time.

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Data storage

We store data for the entire time you use our product so that you can compare readings over time.

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Data analysis

Early-warning, evaluation of collected data and condition assessment of the monitored object - all at Estimo web service.

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Cost efficient solution

Our cost is lower than any traditional surveying solution

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Easy to mount

We will send you a ready-to-mount kit and instructions so that you can install our system without the help of experts.

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Estimo web service

Monitoring web service

Estimo web-service is a modern tool to operate monitoring systems. From any computer you can get your data sorted and visualised in graphs and map views. We designed our service to be user-friendly, so a new user don`t have to spend much time studying interface and functionality.

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Take advantages:


You can create groups from multiple monitoring points. It helps, when you want to separate structures.


To compare data from several monitoring points, you can add points to the graph.


When monitoring point gets close to the critical limit, we will send you a notification by email, sms and on your Estimo account.

Data storage

We store all your data, from the day you start using Estimo, so you are able to follow the dynamics through the ages.

receiver receiver bottom receiver simple receiver bottom, form the side

Single-band GNSS Receiver

In Estimo we design and produce our own GNSS smart-antennas to use it as monitoring sensors. Inside the durable plastic housing are the antenna element, amplifier, receiver and processor.

Receiver and concentrator are connected by a cheap and very rugged two-wire cable. This connection provides power and data transmission, and also it is protected from lightnings and short circuits. If required, the cable can be very long - up to 1km.

Using our own antenna element made it possible to achieve high precision with lower production cost.

Compact and light

  • Height

    125 (mm)

  • Diameter

    165 (mm)

  • Weight

    1.5 (kg)


  • Working temperature


  • Waterproof and dustproof

  • Made of durable materials

Easy to mount

  • 8/5" Rig on the bottom

  • One-click connector

  • Up to 1 km. wire connection

  • See full specifications


    Monitoring data collector

    Concentrator provides power to the sensors, collects data, and sends it to the cloud server. Inside there are easy-removable modules, mounted on a DIN-rail. Concentrator can be mounted on a wall or pole.


    • Length

      300 (mm)

    • Width

      400 (mm)

    • Height

      210 (mm)

    Concentrator components:

    Interface module

    This module provides power and lighting protection for monitoring sensors

    Concentrator unit

    Module that collects and transfer raw data from interrface modules to Estimo data server using internet connection

    Power supply unit

    You can create groups from multiple monitoring points. It helps, when you want to separate structures



    • Dimensions

      • Diameter

        165 mm

      • Height

        125 mm

      • Mount rig


    • Work temperature

      -40°C to +50°C

    • Ingress Protection


    • Supply voltage


    • Power consumption


    • Position update rate


    • Precision

      • Horizontal

        1-3 mm

      • Vertical

        4-6 mm

    • GNSS signal



    • Dimensions

      • Length

        300 mm

      • Width

        400 mm

      • Height

        210 mm

    • Work temperature

      -40°C to +50°C

    • Ingress Protection


    • Supply voltage


    • Power consumption


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